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How to leverage new technologies to implement a patient-centric strategy

Inside, you'll find:

In a period of unprecedented increase in chronic diseases and shortage of healthcare professionals, the role of chatbots has been evolving and has proven to be a crucial instrument.

Wefight created Vik Companion, a free application designed to help patients with chronic diseases and cancer to live better with their illness on a daily basis.  Artificial intelligence plays a central role in leveraging digital solutions and is poised to become a key player in innovative Beyond the Pill strategies. 

If you're an actor in the pharmaceutical industry and you want to support patients in their daily lives, this eBook is for you. It tackles: 

  • What is the place of AI and healthcare data in relation to the challenges of the healthcare system?
  • How has Vik gone beyond the role of a conversational agent to become a real toolbox that allows patients to live better with their disease?
  • How Vik Companion works - patient empowerment, technological bias, and data management


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